Business: Markets Business: Markets ru-ru Fri, 19 Oct 2018 06:22:11 GMT. Sat, 10 Nov 2007 15:11:32 GMT Business: Markets Why Choose a Leather Handbag In today s market leather is extremely popular. So why not think about a leather handbag. They come in a wide variety of sizes, colors, and styles. Some are made with a butter soft leather that is very ravishing. It is no wonder the fashion status that is attached to having a good leather handbag. Many famous fashion conscious women carry them, making them look more glamorous. A nice bag that completes an outfit can give someone a little extra confidence as they go about their day.. <br><p><a href=>Текст статьи полностью</a></p> Sat, 10 Nov 2007 15:11:32 GMT Consider A Leather Portfolio Briefcase for Your Next Briefcase A stylish leather portfolio briefcase in the business world is as indispensable as a good suit. When trying to pursue any job or trying to look good in front of your peers, a professional looking case helps a lot. The traditionally boring briefcase has been updated in recent times, to reflect the tastes and styles of the new businessman. If you are a young professional looking to update your corporate style, a leather portfolio briefcase is a solution. <br><p><a href=>Текст статьи полностью</a></p> Sat, 10 Nov 2007 13:43:52 GMT Features of a Leather Computer Bag Your laptop could possibly be one of your most important assets you own. Whether you use it for work or play, you want to keep is safe and secure. A leather computer bag is a perfect solution to keeping it protected while carrying it around. These laptop bags are creatively designed, are thick, and emit a perfect mix of style and practicality. Leather computer bags not only look stylish, but they can keep that same new leather look for years. <br><p><a href=>Текст статьи полностью</a></p> Sat, 10 Nov 2007 11:48:52 GMT Only 3 clicks to find new business partner! This fall has finally lunched the online version of the BIS PARTNER famous annual business guides in the Eastern Europe. is the new communication B2B era that provides a possibility for any company to promptly find new business partners in the territory of foreign countries. In fact, is the web site of top international business offers, where in short terms Sellers and Buyers from different countries finally find each other for setting up new serious business relationships. <br><p><a href=>Текст статьи полностью</a></p> Thu, 01 Nov 2007 14:16:15 GMT Tips For Purchasing Chinese Products As you may know, the hugh Chinese manufacturing market is full of companies that offer customers with all sorts of products. But only a few of them have online stores which you can directly buy products without having to move an inch. Purchasing products online offers you many advantages. If you buy products directly from the manufacturer s website you will save a few dollars each. Why is that? It is pretty simple. Let s take an example of purchasing a card reader from a Chinese manufacturer. <br><p><a href=>Текст статьи полностью</a></p> Tue, 30 Oct 2007 17:16:10 GMT 12 Months Internet Millionaire Review: Russell Brunson and Vincent James So what do I think of 12 Month Internet Millionaire and it is really legitimate? I say if it is really legitimate because Russell Brunson stated the following to be true for the 28-year-old convicted felon, Vincent James: The Amazing Money-Making Secret of a 28-year-old Convicted Felon Who Earns More Money Per Year Than The CEOs of FedEx... eBay... Time Warner... Apple Computer... McDonalds... Microsoft... Nike... Yahoo... Ford Motor Company... General Motors... and Goodyear COMBINED! I know that Vincent James is extremely rich, but that s one hyped up headline. <br><p><a href=>Текст статьи полностью</a></p> Mon, 29 Oct 2007 20:15:57 GMT Fine Points on Industrial Lighting There are many things that set industrial lighting apart from residential and commercial lighting due to the particular needs that industrial lighting serves. Esthetics is not as important in industrial lighting as it is in residential and commercial lighting and this is just one of the aspects of industrial lighting that sets it apart. Many people don t realize all the factors that come into play with industrial lighting and they all must be considered when lighing an industrial area. <br><p><a href=>Текст статьи полностью</a></p> Mon, 29 Oct 2007 05:28:58 GMT Great Tips on Industrial Lighting There really is alot more to industrial lighting then meets the eye and with all the new technological advancements that have been made over the years there is far more to consider now in terms of industrial lighting. Now more than ever there is new and more advanced types of lighting systems that offer you far more choices while increasing efficiency. With electricity costs on the rise and only expoected to increase in the coming future it would be smart to give efficiency consideration when selecting industrial lighting. <br><p><a href=>Текст статьи полностью</a></p> Sun, 28 Oct 2007 07:31:51 GMT Soccer Mania - SA Tourism Industry to Set New Records, Reveals RNCOS Report As per the latest report published by RNCOS on the South African tourism industry - South African Tourism Sector Analysis - in 2006, South Africa s tourism industry continued to see surge in its tourist inflow after receiving a record 7.3 approx Million international tourists in 2005, keeping in pace with other main African markets like Kenya, Morocco and Seychelles. Total tourist arrivals in the country jumped to around 8.3 Million in 2006, nearly 14.4 up as compared to the same period in 2005, indicating that a new record is in the making! <br><p><a href=>Текст статьи полностью</a></p> Wed, 24 Oct 2007 00:10:59 GMT Tired from trying to make money online, easy strategies here Ok, you want to make huge income from internet then just start your adsense empire, it s a very amazing program started by a world s major search engine, where advertiser advertise through google, google place ads on your site then after every click you get paid for showing relevant ads on your websites. Now confused that how to start your online business, or adsense empire, don t worry we have the solution, we have reviewed this site, many members of this site have give us their opinion about their membership experience you know what we found? <br><p><a href=>Текст статьи полностью</a></p> Mon, 10 Sep 2007 16:06:32 GMT